How to watch tonight’s Mega Millions draw?


Tonight, January 12, 2021, a new Mega Millions drawing will be held with a prize of $ 625 million. The lottery has a drawing every Tuesday and Friday night at 11 PM ET. Here’s how you can stream the Mega Millions draw on your PC, phone, or mobile device. The final section of this article also lists the television stations that could broadcast the giveaway live.

See the Mega Millions draw online live

WGN-TV can live stream the giveaway here, where the newscasts are broadcast live. Video is embedded below, but please note that they are not guaranteed to show the giveaway live. However, they may and will show their regular newscast or other programming until the drawing begins at 11 PM ET. If the do not eventually broadcast the giveaway, additional options are listed below.

Watch live

The official Mississippi lottery website broadcasts the drawing live on WXXV, which broadcasts the drawing every Tuesday and Friday night. You can see it on the Mississippi lottery page here.

You can also watch the WSB-TV 2 live stream, which is available here. WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia is where the actual draw takes place. The link may show a previous broadcast before the giveaway begins.

The Texas Lottery has a webcast that you can view at this link.

WRAL also broadcasts giveaways here, but it’s unclear if they’re live. The link will show the January 8 broadcast until the new drawing takes place.

You can also watch live broadcasts on your phone through the LotteryHUB app. Download the iTunes app here and the Android app here. If they don’t show the broadcast, it will at least show you the giveaway results once they are known.

On YouTube here, and you can watch a video of the drawing later if you miss it when it happens. This is a great option in case none of the live streaming options work.

Watch the draw live on television

According to the Lottery Universe, the following channels are likely to show the draw live as it occurs. The following stations are not guaranteed to broadcast the drawing, but they are your best option for watching a Mega Millions drawing live on television.

Anywhere, if a station broadcasts WGN, this could be a good place to start. Use this channel finder to locate the nearest station.

WSB-TV (Atlanta, GA) – 11:00 pm EST
WGN-TV (National Cable TV) – 11:00 PM EST
CBS-8 (San Diego, California): 8:00 pm PT
WALB (Albany, GA) – 11:00 pm EST
WJBF (Augusta, GA) – 11:00 pm EST
13WMAZ (Macon, GA) -11: 00 pm EST
WSAV (Savannah, GA) – 11:00 pm EST
WRBL (Columbus, GA) – 11:00 pm EST
WBAL-TV (Baltimore, MD) – 11:00 pm EST
WDIV-TV (Detroit, MI) -11: 00 pm EST
WOOD-TV8 (Grand Rapids, MI) -11: 00 pm EST
WLAJ-ABC (Lansing, MI) – 11:00 pm EST
WMKG-CD (Norton Shores, Michigan) – 11:00 pm EST
ABC-7NY (New York, NY) – 11:00 pm EST
WSYR-TV (East Syracuse, NY): 11:00 pm EST
WBNG-TV (Johnson City, NY) – 11:00 pm EST
WPTZ (Plattsburgh, NY) – 11:00 pm EST
13WHAM (Rochester, NY) – 11:00 pm EST
WRIC-TV (Richmond, VA): 11:00 pm EST
WVEC-TV (Hampton, VA): 11:00 pm EST
WDBJ-TV (Roanoke, VA): 11:00 pm EST
WUSA-TV (North, VA) – 11:00 pm EST
WHSV-TV (Harrisonburg, VA) – 11:00 pm EST


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