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The pandemic made it clear that companies that knew how to adapt faster, streamline their processes and incorporate new technologies had a competitive advantage over those who resist digital transformation or did not know how to apply it to their business model.

However, a key element in this transition was the human factor, since the good execution of any digital strategy and its success depend on it. This new panorama is leading companies to rethink the strength of the technology-human binomial as a team that complements each other to take the company to a new stage of exponential and sustained growth.

The era of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens thousands of possibilities for companies, while also creating a more competitive environment, in which outstanding businesses must manage smart digital transformation strategies, which include both technological part as its human complement.
Well-trained and well-managed tools generate faster, more efficient and more precise processes, as well as a workforce freed from monotonous tasks and focused on the most specialized: that is intelligent digital transformation.

However, companies face the challenge of promoting and managing the knowledge and skills of their employees, so they must make optimal use of new technological incorporations.

Knowledge management is taking on a new value for organizations. According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Mexico 2020 Trend report, 86% of companies in the country consider knowledge management the most important action for business development, but only 53% believe they are ready in this regard .

Bots as a reflection of the company

One of the technologies that works best with man and in his favor is undoubtedly AI. When we talk about Artificial Intelligence and automated learning, we must take into account that the ‘training’ that these tools have directly impacts their function.

Just like a human, technology requires guidance and data to constantly improve, so companies must focus part of their efforts on supplying what technology requires, not only to be functional and scalable, but also to be a reflection of the brand and what you want to project.

The future of employment

Tools like big data, cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning have the potential to grow any company, regardless of size or industry. However, concerns remain about what impact these applications will have on jobs and where the future of jobs is heading.

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that the adoption of these new tools would not be complete without the support of the human workforce, since it is in charge of operating, training and managing them, which makes the chances that a company has a successful digital transition and face significant challenges, rely heavily on the knowledge and skills of employees.

According to the report The Future of Jobs 2020, of the World Economic Forum (WEF, for its acronym in English), although it is true that the new digital tools imply a restructuring of the workforce, they “are prepared to drive the future growth in all industries, as well as to increase demand for new job roles and skill sets ”.

Data from the same report affirms that 34% of the companies surveyed plan to expand their workforce as a result of greater technological integration, and 41% add that they will expand their use of contractors for specialized tasks.

It is not surprising that in the coming years the roles of workers will increasingly go from being operational to strategic or specialized and that they will be seen more in companies that have a comprehensive approach based on training, promotion and search for skills and technological knowledge, so that, together with new technologies, the companies of the future develop; solid, efficient, competitive and capable of facing any challenge, no matter how complex.

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