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Historically, social networks have always been very valuable for the commercial goals of brands. When content can distinguish itself from the noise, it creates a powerful image of leadership among consumers. But Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the rest of these platforms can also serve as a tool to enhance the effectiveness of an ecommerce. How? Here are three ways they can interact:

Social networks as a promotional channel

Brands can use these platforms just as they do for other units of their business: As one more form of communication. Facebook and company users are commonly looking for offers and shopping opportunities when browsing these sites. So, when they detect a promotion, discount or launch, they will probably take it into account. Regardless if it is in an ecommerce or a traditional store.

A customer acquisition platform

Social media can also be used as a kind of catalog that ultimately leads consumers to the business site to complete the purchase. Many platforms, especially WhatsApp Business, allow users to connect with brands and exchange information such as prices, delivery conditions, etc. Thus, they are important allies of ecommerce when it comes to finding new buyers.

Social media in a marketplace role

Finally, more and more companies in this sector are investing in transforming their platforms into a direct trade space. Facebook and YouTube, for example, already let their creators and communities create stores and offer products and services without forcing audiences to leave the site. Thus, they are becoming true rivals of Mercado Libre and Amazon-style sites, but with a much broader appeal and use case.

Of course, these strategies are not the only ones that can be used to exploit social networks in favor of ecommerce. And even if they are, it takes a lot more than just acknowledging them to create a valid business strategy. That is why events like the Community Managers Summit 2021 are so important. They allow market experts to learn directly from industry leaders how to develop more effective sales and communication strategies.

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