Huawei states that “a smart world needs a stronger ICT industry and Digital Economy”

Huawei has focused its proposals on connectivity. During MWC 2023, Huawei will meet with operators, industry partners and other key opinion leaders from around the world to discuss “GUIDE to the Intelligent World”. They will discuss how to use the GUIDE business plan to lay the foundation for 5.5G and build on the success of 5G for even greater prosperity in a smart world.

Huawei’s main booth in Hall 1 at MWC Barcelona is designed around the concept of “Smart Future, Full of Hope”. At the booth, Huawei painted a picture of an era fueled by the digital economy and defined by collaboration that is more vibrant and full of limitless possibilities.

At the event, Huawei is also showcasing its latest products and solutions that deliver the best 5G experiences, premium and intelligent ultra-broadband connectivity, intelligent and digital transformation, and its Green 1-2-3 solution. Huawei’s offerings show a clear commitment to innovating for the 5.5G era, creating value for customers, and stimulating the digital economy.

By the end of 2022, 5G had already proven to be a global commercial success, with more than 1 billion mobile users connected with 5G. Major operators in China, South Korea, Switzerland, Finland and Kuwait have already achieved 5G user penetration rates of over 30%, with over 30% of their traffic coming from 5G.

According to Ookla’s latest 5G cities report, Huawei has played an important role in building 5G networks in all the top 10 cities among the world’s 40 representative 5G-enabled cities. It is important to note that the 5G performance results in these 10 cities show that the 5G networks built by Huawei offer the best experience.

5.5 era

Following Huawei’s concept of “Striding Towards the 5.5G Era” that was proposed in July 2022, Huawei is highlighting the five main features of the 5.5G era: 10 Gbps experiences, interconnection of complete scenarios, integrated detection and communication, L4 autonomous driving networks and green ICTs.


World leading operators, standards organizations and industry ecosystem partners are coming together to promote innovation and exploration for this 5.5G era as it will create more applications and new business opportunities.

ICT investment

Continued and robust investment in ICT infrastructure directly stimulates growth within the digital economy. A third party report shows that as new networks evolve from one generation to the next, this effect will be further amplified by 15%.

Looking ahead, we believe that the GUIDE business plan combining both 5G and 5.5G clearly sets out how the evolution of ICT will progress and generate greater value. Together with our customers and partners, we will continue to innovate, build intelligent connectivity, and redefine computing. This innovation collaboration will create even greater value for the ICT industry and make the industry as a whole more resilient and prosperous.


Challenges for LATAM

Marcelo Pino, vice president of Huawei corporate affairs for LATAM and the Caribbean, adds to that “Huawei sees the challenge from two perspectives, one from the need to continue doing R and D to have more user-friendly technology but also with the environment, that is, less polluting and, on the other, the responsibility of contributing to the training of new ICT talents at all levels, from training installation technicians to encouraging more young people to study and develop in the digital world to be not only users but also professionals in the area.” .

“That includes Chile. We have an alliance with 19 universities and institutes to develop courses, training, workshops, etc. ”, she added.

Huawei’s Enterprise division is also hosting its own event at MWC 2023, themed “Leading Digital Infrastructure for New Value Together,” where they will launch more than 50 innovative products and solutions for global clients.

Highlights here include its intelligent simplified campus network solution, a series of innovative data center solutions, and business strategies for SMEs.

Huawei devices

In the field of devices, Huawei introduces its new HUAWEI Mate 50 series: HUAWEI Watch Buds, Cyber, which is packed with new innovations in areas such as mobile imaging, fitness and health, and smart office.

MWC Barcelona 2023 takes place from February 27 to March 2 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Huawei presents its products and solutions at booth 1H50 at Fira Gran Via Hall 1. They have the largest booth in the history of MWC: 10,000 square meters, or 1 hectare.

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