Huawei will launch its first foldable phone with satellite connectivity

Technology advances by gigantic steps. Huawei will launch its first foldable phone with satellite connectivity this month, the Mate X3, the successor to the Mate XS 2.

Its official presentation is scheduled for March 23 in China, and it is unknown when it will arrive in the West.

The Chinese company wants to compete with Samsung, which has the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4 as its flagships. To do this, its focus is on the technological innovations of its Mate X3 folding phone.

At the moment, little is known about the Huawei phone, except for the issue of connectivity. Initially they also specified that it would allow two-way SMS communication with the device.

It is speculated that its size reaches 7.8 inches unfolded and 6.5 inches folded, and its screen aims at 120 Hz.

Some more leaked features about Huawei’s Mate X3 foldable phone

It possibly uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 2 processor, but it’s 5G, due to limitations set in the market.

In accordance with computer Today, Another of the rumors about Huawei’s Mate X3 is that it will use heat dissipation technology, based on graphene. This will help the company to reduce the thickness of the smartphone.


The PC Components portal points out that Huawei’s Mate X3 would have a fourth camera. Its predecessor, the Mate XS 2, had three rear cameras with 50, 8 and 13 megapixels; the X3’s extra lens may have a higher zoom level.

It is also managed that the battery of the folding phone with satellite connectivity is 4,800 mAh, with fast charging at 66W and reverse charging.

Let’s remember that everything will be officially known during Huawei’s March 23 presentation in China. We will be attentive to more news.