“For us, the poor person is that person who is empty, who has no feelings,” said Jessica, Carolina Alvarado’s sister. Hispanic girl was humiliated for being poor in Tik Tok. They seek help so that Caro can have her cochlear implants.

Regrettable! Hispanic girl was humiliated for being poor in Tik Tok and the unexpected happened. In an exclusive interview for Mundo Hispánico, Carolina Alvarado spoke about what happened after receiving the support of hundreds of people on the networks.

The young Argentine woman who wanted to do a dance at Tik Tok without knowing that it would go viral and less that people would discriminate against her and bully her because of her social status, broke the silence.

Jessica, the girl’s sister, commented: “She did one of the challenges of a dance to show us that she had achieved it, that she had done it, but it did not take dimension of the matter, she does not understand the viral or those things and she published it. When we wanted to agree, my mom comes, because we all live on the same land, and she says crying that if I can see what the baby did and all I see is that there are many messages and many insults. “

Carolina Alvarado.

Jessica continues with her story: “I went in, I looked at the messages and they were horrible, that their dance was horrible, that they couldn’t focus on the dance due to the condition of the house, of the mattress. My mom and I cried because she gave us impotence because the baby does not listen and for us, who know her, she had made it beautiful, we did not see what they saw because we are humble ”.

Jessica, sister of Carolina Alvarado, assures that, in the face of so much helplessness, she tried to be polite and respond that if Carolina did not dance to the beat of the song it is because she does not listen and cannot express or defend herself, but that is what her family is for.

Carolina Alvarado with her sister Jessica.

“What we want to achieve is that Caro can be implanted, since we do not have the money or the way to get her to be implanted, but rather that the only thing that is counted on is the social work that she has, and for therefore, what we seek is the support of the people, to help us to be heard and that they can have their cochlear implants and thus be able to finally listen for the first time, be able to learn to speak, be a little more independent, be able to finish their studies and to have more options when choosing a career. “

Caro’s mother, due to health problems, cannot work, they live on 1,200 Argentine pesos, which represents a total of 17 dollars a month, in addition to help they receive from the father of Caro’s younger brother, but not from his father. Expensive, because he has never been responsible for it. The family has had to support itself in a biweekly market that offers a school.

“And the need to feed them and not have and not know how to explain, but logically we never stayed. My moms never stayed, they always found a way for the boys to eat something and if not, nothing, we help each other, “said Jessica.

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