“I believe it, I know what night it is”

Isa Pantoja’s exhibition at the reality from The strong house It is seriously affecting your relationship with Asraf Beno. Last Sunday, I entered the contest Efrén Reyero, who hinted that during a night out he was able to share more than a few laughs with Isabel Pantoja’s daughter.

Soon new witnesses came out of that night of drinking, such as María Jesús Ruíz, who assured that she saw how Isa and Efrén were kissing, while Kiko Jiménez hugged her from behind. Rumors of a trio between the two extronists and the singer have gained momentum in recent hours.

If this story is proven to be true, Jiménez and Patoja would have been unfaithful to their respective partners. Sofía Suescun’s boyfriend was at that time with Gloria Camila and Isa Pantoja had already started her relationship with Asraf, her current fiancé.

Ana Rosa’s program He has been able to speak with Kiko’s ex and find out what Ortega Cano’s daughter knows about that night. Gloria Camila has clarified that this issue no longer affects her, taking into account that she enjoys her time with another couple, but has shown that you have more information than you want to give.“I believe it, I know what night it is”, the interviewee has commented.

Sofía Suescun also wanted to give her opinion and defend her partner’s version. The collaborator has assured in It’s already noon what the extronista maintains that nothing happened between Isa and him, but not between Efrén and her.

The winner of GH He explained that Marta López’s ex was the one who was behind Chabelita, but that in the end nothing happened between them, as María Jesús Ruiz and Amor Romeira have assured. Likewise, Suescun ensures that “Kiko acted as Isa’s protector” and accompanied her home to take care of her, after a night of partying.

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