I bought a case for the iPhone 12 and this is what I discovered

In just a few weeks Apple could present the new iPhone 12, 4 new devices with which the company wants to succeed again at the end of 2020. Let us remember that the iPhone 11 has been a real success, ranking as the best-selling smartphone so far this year. This year we will see two iPhone 12 models and another two iPhone 12 Pro models, and their design is almost final and the case manufacturers already have them ready for launch.

I have decided to get one of these covers that is sold on AliExpress for just over 1 euro, in this case it is a case for the supposed iPhone 12 Pro. A device that will replace the iPhone 11 Pro and will have a slightly larger screen. In addition, the edges of the device will be flat, in the style of the iPad Pro. Here is everything I can tell you about this case for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Cases for iPhone 12 are on sale now

It usually happens every year, the case manufacturers have access to iPhone molds before they are presented. In this way they are able to manufacture compatible cases weeks in advance that will be ready to buy when the new models are presented. Although these covers cannot be found in regular stores, they are available in online stores such as AliExpress. After a short search, I found a transparent case for the iPhone 12 Pro, very similar to the one I use on my iPhone 11 Pro, so I decided to buy it to compare them. This is what we can know about the new iPhone after analyzing this case.

The iPhone 12 Pro will be bigger. This new iPhone will feature a 6.1-inch screen, and although the bezels are expected to be reduced, the overall size will be slightly larger. The see-through case on the iPhone 12 Pro is 3mm longer and just 1mm wider than the iPhone 11 Pro. The rounded shape of the iPhone 11 Pro can be deceiving though.
The camera module will also be larger. The cutout for the rear camera module is also larger, about 1mm in both width and length. This is due to the inclusion of the LiDAR sensor and the possible increase in the sensors of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Square design like the iPad Pro. The edges of the case are straight, both outside and inside, similar to what we found on the iPad Pro and consistent with the latest rumors.
Same buttons and speakers. The volume, unlock and mute buttons, as well as the lower speakers, are in the same position as on the iPhone 11 Pro.

In the case that it is a 100% compatible case with the iPhone 12 Pro, we can make something clear, it will be a square-edged device with a larger camera module and a few millimeters larger overall sizeAlthough thanks to the reduction of the frames, you will be able to dock a much larger screen, 6.1 inches. There is less and less to know the new iPhone 12, although we do not know when they will be presented, it is possible that we will see them throughout the month of September but that they will not reach the market until October.