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Cristina Pedroche is back in the media spotlight for his photography meditating in the snow, during the storm Filomena. Days after sharing the snapshot, the presenter of the Chimes has defended itself from the criticism it has received by many users of social networks: « I took a second, I did not meditate for 10 hours. »

The controversial photo of Cristina Pedroche in the snow

The collaborator spoke of the subject in ‘Zapeando’ with astonishment, while shared his incomprehension in the face of the controversy that has raised your photograph in the snow. « I have been quietly at home with some boots, » Pedroche commented, to which Dani Mateo decided to reply: « And nothing else, from what we have seen on Instagram. » After the laughter that arose at the program table, the protagonist of the conversation declared: « It’s that in my house I like to be naked, then, I do not understand which has been mounted! « .

Seconds later, Valeria Ros did not hesitate to ask what many people have commented on Twitter: « Was there something under the chichi?« , to which Cristina replied that: »In that position, the hole is not supported in the ground« In this way, they both naturally treated a taboo subject on many occasions, minimizing the importance of words and without using euphemisms.

Celebrities get naked in the snow

The storm Filomena brought with it some impressive snowfall, along with freezing temperatures, in various areas of our country, giving us some fascinating landscapes dyed in white. Taking advantage of this temporary anomaly, many celebrities such as Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Adriana Abenia, Paco León or Carlota Boza they have decided to take off their clothes and help us fight the cold.

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