“I don’t believe it. You have faked this”

The program of Telecinco Save me has revealed this Monday to his collaborator Anabel Pantoja live that she is pregnant after undergoing a second pregnancy test. “I dont believe it!”, exclaimed Anabel in surprise, who seems to have found out about this for the first time on the show.

The collaborator has been surprised despite the fact that she has been involved in the controversy after what her boyfriend, Omar Sánchez, has published images on his Instagram profile that set off all the alarms.

Omar shared a photo in which he comes out touching Anabel Pantoja’s belly, an image that has no text. But, as soon as the publication was posted, her boyfriend received several comments asking if you are pregnant Anabel. In addition, she assured that they do not take contraceptive measures.

Omar Sánchez and Anabel Pantoja pose together on Instagram.

After the controversy, Save me She decided to do a live pregnancy test and she herself was able to verify that it was positive. Still, Anabel I thought they were joking with her: “I do not believe it, you have tricked this,” he said.

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