“I find short people funny and I find them very cute”

Ivan and Kano’s appointment this Monday in First dates it was from those dinners from the Four show that viewers can guess the endSince, seeing the connection between the two from the beginning, everything indicated that they would want to meet again.

Carlos Sobera received the Zaragoza native first, who commented that he was in love with Japanese culture and he defined himself as “a rare person”. The presenter was surprised: “No one has ever started like this.”

I don’t know how to define myself, I’m a weirdo. Sexually I like boys, girls … I don’t care if they put me onIf I like a person, it is because I am attracted by how they are on the inside, “explained Iván.

The young man pointed out that “I don’t care how he is physically, but I like short people. It sounds ugly, but I find it funny and I find it very cute. They are adorable and I wish I was short, I don’t like being tall“.

His appointment came from Burgos and he fulfilled one of Iván’s requests, and that is that Kano was shorter than him, indeed, when they met, the student stated that “he is very tall, he has a body to be short, but he is super tall. I have stayed …”.

During dinner, both of them agreed on tastes and hobbies, so much so that in the end Iván said with a laugh that “You have not let me eat in peace. I have laughed so much that I could not taste anything”.

The Zaragoza native did want to have a second date with Kano, and the Burgos also wanted to meet Ivan again because “I had a great time.” They both agreed to look for “an intermediate point where we can meet”.

Kano and Iván, in 'First dates'.
Kano and Iván, in ‘First dates’.

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