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Daryl Middleton is one of the greatest Americans to have fought in Europe. With a career that began in 1988 and ended in 2014 at the age of 47 (!) Years, the 54-year-old today has a lot to show.

Apart from the 2 Spanish championships and the 3 MVPs, the 4 Greek championships and 2 cups, Middleton was at the top of Europe in 2002 with Panathinaikos (2000-2005), making his biggest dream come true.

He confessed this to Joe Arlaukas when he referred to Zeljko Obradovic, saying that he was determined to reach the trophy with the “greens”. There were also the special attacks regarding the Serbian legend, with the breaks being a painful story at that time!

Middleton is involved in coaching and since 2014 he has been an assistant coach at CSKA, ie he has won another 2 Euroleague titles from another position. He knows as few as Dimitris Itoudis, as they have been collaborating together ever since, while they are united by their common “green” past.

In detail what he said:

For Zeljko Obradovic: He is tough, but off the floor he is normal. You can talk to him, eat with him and tell about your life. Every day in training they hated me because I was 35 and nailed and I fought hard. I had to win the Euroleague, that’s why I went to Panathinaikos and I know he appreciated my work.

I remember telling Itoudis that I did not want to take a break and that I wanted to train. The breaks were like a punishment for us. We returned the next day and ran for 40 ′. So please have a workout. I never wanted to have a break.

This is what I try to say to the players, how can you be tired? We played 40 ′ in each match 3 times a week. They have no idea. All this makes you hard, mainly spiritually. “Now, there are also charter flights, which is the best for the players.”

For Dimitris Itoudis: “I love Dimitris, when I had a problem, I went to him. He was my friend, I respected him. We were close. And I was happy when he came to CSKA. I always told him ‘why don’t you go somewhere else to become a head coach?’ He is very smart, he knows the sport. He stayed and finally everything went as planned. He took a lot of things from Zots, he is tough and he can change in 1 “. But you respect him, you can talk to him outside of basketball and the players respect that. “I had some coaches who could not do that and it was not nice.”

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