“I have been unjustly detained,” he says

They arrest former president Manuel Zelaya
Speaking to local media, the former president said he does not know how that bag of dollars got to his belongings.

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS. The former president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya Rosales, was arrested this Friday in the Tocotín airport, while he intended to leave the country for the United States where he would participate in a seminar.

This was reported by the former president through his personal account Twitter. In his recent post, Zelaya Rosales detailed that the cause of his arrest is a bag with 18 thousand dollars, but it is not his property.

According to what he indicated, he is currently in the presence of a prosecutor at said air terminal.

“I report that I was unjustly detained at the Toncontin airport when I was preparing to travel to the PT Seminary in Mexico. The cause, a bag of money with $ 18,000; that is not of my belonged. Now in the presence of the prosecutor ”, Manuel Zelaya Rosales posted.

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You do not know how that bag of dollars got to your belongings

In statements to local media, the former governor and general coordinator of Libre, said he does not know how that bag of dollars got to his belongings.

Therefore, he expressed that it is necessary to investigate who and where they placed that amount of money.

Also, the former president Manuel Zelaya, confirmed that before his arrest, he was preparing to travel to Houston, United States, but first I would stop at Mexico.

“He doesn’t think that happened at the airport, my backpack was in the vehicle, I just grabbed it. There I just go my personal things and a book. How am I going to X-ray dollars when I know it’s a crime? It does not correspond to my intelligence. The people at the airport should not be blamed, because they only fulfill their responsibility. How am I going to bring dollars to USA“, he pointed the former president, Zelaya.

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