“I have come to compete to avenge my brother”

“Won’t you have a twin brother?”, Arturo Valls asked Marc when the Barcelona native introduced himself before facing Sandra, the participant of the central trapdoor of the Antena 3 contest.

“I have studied criminology, but I am working in private security. I don’t know if that sounds to you because a month ago my twin brother came (Aleix)“noted the contestant, who added: “Unfortunately he didn’t take anything, but I come to avenge him”.

The presenter of Now I fall! reacted with surprise to the statement of the Barcelona, ​​who also commented that “if I am lucky and I win the 100,000 eurosI would like to go live with my girlfriend I would return to my parents the money they have invested in my studies and, if I have something to spare, for a motorcycle or a family trip “.

Marc, in 'Now I fall!'.
Marc, in ‘Now I fall!’.

Marc got four questions right, one of them rushing after a rebound from a question that Sandra couldn’t answer. But on the fifth, the error came: “During his younger years, this famous English naturalist was part of a gastronomic club in which exotic meats were tasted.”

The contestant tried various combinations, getting the name right, but missing the last name, since it was Charles Darwin: “I have been involved and I have thought about cooks because of the meats”Marc admitted.

“What a shame, none of the brothers …”, said Valls, to which the Barcelona native replied: “I’ve been about to avenge him, I hope he’s proud of me. I’ve answered more than him”, he even said before falling through the hatch and being eliminated.

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