“I have realized how strong I am”

This Monday, La 1 broadcast the final of MasterChef Celebrity 5, the only edition of talent that has had five finalists to date. In the first test, which had Dabiz Muñoz as a guest, the applicants faced a mysterious box with which they had to recreate the chef’s proposal: lobster with a creamy old cheese omelette.

'Terre' is expelled at the gates of the final of 'MasterChef Celebrity'.

In the challenge, the contestants had to follow the cook’s instructions as quickly as possible. Florentino Fernández took Muñoz out of his boxes with his jokes but, despite this, he was the one who came out the best of it. “You have done very well, guided by a great teacher,” Judge Samantha said over her plate.

“Today I have seen you enjoy cooking and the result is a dish with few defects. Good job, Flo”, added Jordi Cruz. Dabiz Muñoz, for his part, found a snag: the tortilla did not convince him. However, the comedian was first in the ratings, obtaining a pass as the first duelist.

At that time, Fernando confessed that would like to challenge a duel with Josie. But his wishes were truncated, for the personal shopper it was ruled out, like Nicolás Coronado and Ainhoa ​​Arteta, in the outdoor test. In this part of the program, the contestants worked individually, and the preparation that catapulted Meroño the duel was a crunchy sardine coca and chickweed salad.

The actress was successful in the test although his service was advanced, he had less time than expected and he had wounds on his hands from the first test. “I am very proud, very excited. And I dedicate it to me,” Meroño said after getting her position in the match.

In this, the duelists (Florentino Ferández and Raquel Meroño) had to design a own menu with which to convince the judges -Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera and Jordi Cruz- and chefs Joan Roca and Ángel León.

Raquel Meroño, in 'MasterChef Celebrity'.
Raquel Meroño, in ‘MasterChef Celebrity’.
The 1

This added pressure to the already imposing challenge, as the winner would get 75,000 euros to donate to an NGO of your choice and a cooking course. In addition to all the contestants in the edition, Flo’s nephews and Raquel Meroño’s parents and daughters attended the program.

She prepared a tuna sashimi with tomato jelly as a starter; pork tenderloin with coconut spheres for main course; and, for dessert, a mango volcano with peanut caramel. The end of the menu, paradoxically, was the main course, since the narrative that it implied left the jury speechless.

Raquel Meroño wins ‘MasterChef Celebrity 5’

Raquel Meroño wins Masterchef Celebrity 5.
Raquel Meroño wins Masterchef Celebrity 5.

Both the menu and emotional presentation, in which the actress also spoke of her dedication to her daughters and the stage she spent in Bali with them so that they knew the world, they made me win MasterChef Celebrity 5. “I got it, I got it, thank you for everything. I have realized how strong I am thanks to this program. MaterChef it is a gift, it is an award with my initial, “he said, clinging to the trophy.

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