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Arma Kaynar

20/Jan/21 10:54

Arma Kaynar

Kyrie Irving broke his silence …

By Eurohoops Team /

Krie Irving, who has been away from the fields for a while, answered the questions of the media members before the Cleveland Cavaliers match that Brooklyn Nets will play today.

Irving stated that he was away from the team because of many personal and family experiences. Irving, who is expected to return to the floors with the Cavaliers game, said, “I’m glad I’m back. We made a very good addition to the team. As I said before, I want my game to speak for me this season. But I needed a break. ” used the expressions.

Irving had not played in the last 7 games played by the Nets. After the Philadelphia 76ers match, Irving’s first game missed during this period, Nets announced that the star was separated from the team for personal reasons, and in the following days, according to the news of ESPN’s Malika Andrews and Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA management, Irving’s unmasked He also launched an investigation into the video that appeared while dancing in a night club.

The league management handed Irving a $ 50,000 fine last Friday for breaking the health and safety protocol. Irving chose not to answer questions on this topic.

There were reports that one of the reasons behind Irving’s separation from the team was the events in the capital of America 2 weeks ago and the attitude of the police towards Trump supporters. Irving, who argued that the players should not be able to play in the Orlando Fan, due to systematic racism and police violence, bought a house for the family of George Floyd, who was murdered by a police officer in May recently.

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