“I was upset that the CEO of Pfizer sold the shares after announcing the vaccine”

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“It bothered me that the CEO of Pfizer sold the stock right after announcing the vaccine. Is it legal? Yes, but it is not the correct thing, it does not enter into the ethics of a person who is in charge of this. Salvador Illa has been clear in an interview on the program Nice good of the SER string, where he has given his point of view on the epidemiological situation in Spain. And of course, he has spoken of the ‘relative’ and Christmas.

Illa has defended the safety of the vaccination program against the coronavirus, despite the reluctance of the majority of the Spanish population, as the CIS has shown: “In Europe, the regulatory framework to carry out a vaccine is very demanding, it is measured at millimeter because it is very serious and involves public health ”. For this reason, it is shown “very sure” that the percentage of vaccinated in Spain will be very high.

The Minister of Health has defended the importance of public management in his area and the necessary role of governments against the covid: “I think it is one of the great lessons that this pandemic leaves us and with the issue of vaccines it has been demonstrated that indirect control can be made from the institutions, we have demanded transparency and security filters ”, he stated.

The relative, according to the minister

Of course, the space headed by Quique Peinado and Manuel Burque has asked him about the now famous ‘close friend’ and all the chaos generated around him. Illa, very in her already classic style, has explained it in her own way: “It can be understood that there may be a person with whom you have no family affinity, understood in terms of a classic family, and who is in a residence and has a lot of friendship with that person and you don’t want Christmas to spend alone ”.

“It’s not your pa …

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