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In the middle of the third wave, with the numbers of people infected by Covid-19 growing every day and without a possible decrease in sight, the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’, Diego Arrabal, surprised on the night of Friday, January 22, by publishing an image on his Instagram stories, in which reported his admission to the hospital after catching coronavirus two weeks ago, something that he confirmed on the Telecinco program at that time.

Diego Arrabal shares his situation and appreciates the support of his colleagues on Instagram

« Maybe I’m not an example of anything or anyone, but it comes from my heart to warn you that this virus is not a joke, » wrote the journalist, about an image in which he could be seen wearing a mask and hospital pajamas, with a tube put oxygen. « I have been with the virus for thirteen days and last night they had to admit me, » the Arrabal text continued, in which he added a resounding promise: « I will fight until I have no strength left to heal myself ».

Beyond that message of awareness about the dangers that contracting Covid-19 could entail, the collaborator of ‘Viva la vida’ concluded his brief words with a hard reflection on his situation. « But, now, I ask myself a question: Why didn’t I fight just as hard not to get infected? » Arrabal said, who also shared in his Instagram stories some of the messages of support and encouragement that he had received from friends and colleagues from the Telecinco program, such as Toñi Moreno, Isabel Rábago or Makoke, among many others, as a result of his worrying publication.

« You don’t know how worried we are »

Emma García dedicates some kind words to Diego Arrabal in ‘Viva la vida’

Given the situation of the paparazzi, during the broadcast of ‘Viva la vida’ on Saturday, January 23, Emma García wanted to dedicate some affectionate words to her partner. « Our dear colleague Diego Arrabal, I know he is seeing us. I suppose he does not care if I say it: he is with Covid, he is admitted, » the presenter communicated, after which he assured both that « we are all with him » and that « he is checked ». « We send you all the love in the world, Diego. You don’t know how worried we are about you, what we love you and what we miss you, » confessed Emma.

« Courage, partner, you’re going to do it! », Concluded the presenter, then send her partner « a huge hug from the entire team » of the program. Some words that Arrabal had the opportunity to see from the hospital and to which he responded publicly through another story on Instagram. « Messages that are a good vitamin. You are showing me both publicly and privately that yes, damn, that I feel very loved. Thank you « , wrote the journalist, about a photo in which you could see the hospital television with the image of Emma García.

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