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id Software, studio in charge of the development of the DOOM saga, has registered a new game at the Australian Age Rating Agency. This unknown title has earned the 18+ recommended label for its “high-impact violence.” The title of this video game does not appear on the card, but a code name: Project 2021A. And, perhaps most interesting, it is designed for virtual reality.

It follows from this that the Bethesda team is working on a new game for VR, although nothing has been officially announced yet. In addition to having high doses of violence, according to the agency’s file, the new id Software video game also will have online functionalities. No more information has been given about what title this could be, although the trajectory of the study makes us think of a version of DOOM Eternal for virtual reality.

New game from id Software registered in Australia.

DOOM (2016) already had its VR version

In the past id Software has already worked with VR and, precisely, bringing the DOOM of 2016 to this technology. That project went on the market under the name DOOM VFR one year after the release of the original, which makes us think that the virtual reality version of this new installment could come out in 2021, or at least that the dates fit with the previous processes.

Of DOOM VFR we said at the time, in our review, that “it looks great and sounds great, maintains the essence of the latest DOOM, is fun, direct and violent, and completely immerses us in its universe. Yes, it requires the player put in a bit of your part to suit the gameplay, but If you like the saga and want to experience it in more first person than ever, we think it’s worth it“.

DOOM VFR is available on PC and PS4, while DOOM Eternal It can be played on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Throughout 2021 A version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S will also be released.

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