If Time Machine was on the iPhone it would look this good

Features of macOS on iOS and iOS on macOS? Surely, sometimes we have wanted some functionality of any of these devices to work in the same way in another and we are not the only ones. A similar concern has been resulted from a concept that imagines what Mac’s Time Machine would look like if it were on the iPhone.

Time Machine concept on iOS
What if we had Time Machine on iOS?

The concept created by designer Jordan Singer shows in detail what the feature that allows you to make a backup in MacOS would look like. The backup list includes apps, personal data, music, photos, email, and documents. In this way, you can recover data that was deleted, lost or overwritten. Can you imagine all this on the iPhone?

This is what Time Machine looks like on the iPhone

Aesthetically, it is an option completely attached to Apple’s design line. But even more surprising are the technical considerations designed for its operation on iOS.

The concept created by Singer for iOS is titled «What if we had Time Machine on iOS?»The images show the option to go back in time and verify the backup for a specific time. Offering the option of restoring a backup taken months ago along with a super cool real-time snapshot.

Time Machine concept view on iOS
Time Machine concept for iOS by designer Jordan Singer

Also present is an option to restore messages that also contain deleted conversations. We have seen various iOS apps on macOS and are wondering if Time Machine is coming to iOS in the future.

The current backup of Apple iCloud performs daily backups while iPhone is charging and connected to Wi-Fi. IPhone owners can only access full restores from the days the backups are created. And although for now, Time Machine only exists in this concept, without a doubt it is a very complete option

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