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The Eurohoops Team /

Let’s be again… What are you doing? How are you; We do not so well. Why; Where to start and where to end…

#216 the Eurohoops Team composed of Europeans only
#235 the team of Dimitris Minaretzis aka Midas aka Guru of Fantasy
#238 Aris Barkas Barkas Breakers, NBA commentator on COSMOTE TV
#261 the Ioannina Lakers by Giannis Rammas (without recommendations)

Again, good NBA Fantasy Eurohoops League ( has more than 450 teams and we can say that we are somewhere in the middle and not the bottom. Why, do not be fooled because we write about basketball, we can do it below!

Until then, however, we will try to go higher and a little closer to € 100 in products from the NBA Store that gives the first place. How; One is the solution: MVP.

Beyond that Star Player to double points each week, NBA Fantasy offers the ability to nominate a player as an MVP and triple his points in just one week. This feature is offered twice a year, once before the All-Star Game break and once afterwards. If not used before ASG, it is not used for later.

With ASG scheduled for Sunday, March 7th, the final games before the break are scheduled for Thursday 4/3. Do the math, then, for Week 10 and Week 11.

The same goes for Wild Card of 15 changes versus 5 each week, one Wild Card before stopping for ASG and one after. We just used the first one, but we do not tell you in which team / s, you will find out when you see us at the top (my speed), since we did not forget the MVP either!

Until then…

Eurohoops League 👉
League code 👉 62616b9645

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