If you use Chrome on Mac you should know that Safari is better

A recent blog post has sparked controversy among users, as tests have shown that Chrome uses much more resources than Safari.

Chrome Mac
A test has been done showing that Chrome uses more RAM than Safari.

Google Chrome

Apple has been able to be compatible with many of its competitors’ platforms and systems, but it has also been opened in the same aspect allowing different applications developed by other companies to be on their devices.

Although Apple has its own browser (Safari), Google has brought its Chrome browser to Macs, which even had a upgrade with a version compatible with the M1 chip.

Chrome is undoubtedly the browser most used by users, although there are several alternatives, Google has earned a very important place among Internet users. But this may change for Mac users as a new test shows that Safari is lighter and faster as Apple boasts.

Safari Mac
According to Apple, Safari turns out to be faster in various functions than other browsers.

Comparison tests between Chrome and Safari

Morten Just posted a very interesting report on a test and comparison performed between Safari and Chrome running on a macOS big sur virtual machine.

The experiment started with two tabs Opened in each of the browsers, in one, I browsed Twitter and in the next the email was opened in Gmail. This yielded a surprising result, as Chrome used a total of 1GB of RAM, while Safari only used 80MB of it.

The testing got more demanding when Just decided to bring this to his Mac, testing both browsers and running the tests. Opened 54 tabs in each of the browsers finding that Chrome used 290 MB of RAM per open tab, while Safari only used 12 MB of RAM per open tab. Chrome used a total of 24 times more RAM than Apple’s browser.

Safari Mac
Tests have shown that Chrome’s RAM consumption is surprisingly higher than Safari’s.

Morten Just recently updated his post due to the controversy it has caused.

«The system tool that I used to measure the memory footprint may not give a complete picture. It’s also not a very indicative test in terms of daily use … I’ll see if I can find a better way to measure that..

At the moment it is pending to see what happens in this case. However, it is no secret that Chrome turns out to be an application that spends large amounts of computer resourcesTherefore, this test remains a sample of reality for some and leaves others with uncertainty.

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