Iglesias agrees with the communities to carry out weekly antigen tests to all nursing home staff

Shield as if it were a bunker the nursing homes during this second wave of coronavirus This is one of the fundamental objectives of the communities and the Government, which has estimated the number of elderly people who died in nursing homes at 20,000 during the first wave.

Imatge d'arxiu of rapid tests to detect the coronavirus

For this reason, it is essential that the personnel who takes care of the elderly do your work with all guarantees, thus ensuring their health and that of the people they assist daily.

As you may have learned 20 minutes, the Territorial Council of Social Services and Dependency, which brings together all the competent regional councilors in the matter, unanimously approved on Wednesday of last week to request the Ministry of Health to carry out weekly antigen tests on both the staff of the nursing homes older people and workers in residential centers for people with disabilities. The proposal started from the Secretary of State for Social Rights, dependent on the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda headed by the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias.

“Following the recommendations of the ECDC, the Territorial Council agrees to request the health authorities to evaluate the possibility of carrying out weekly rapid antigen tests to all the staff of residential centers for the elderly and people with disabilities, in accordance with the capacities of the health system, “the agreement states.

Now, the implementation of the measure depends on the department led by Salvador Illa, which is competent in the matter, takes the proposal to the Interterritorial Health Council that is held every Wednesday, where it will predictably receive the go-ahead. “We think that there will be no problem for this measure to materialize because all the autonomous communities have already voted in favor in the Territorial Council of Social Services and Dependency “, they explain from the Secretary of State for Social Rights directed by Nacho Álvarez.

The use of antigen tests as a rapid diagnostic and screening tool for Covid was approved last Tuesday, September 22 by the Public Health Commission. Thus, theEarly detection, surveillance and control strategy to include this test in order to face the coronavirus pandemic, as they assured in a statement.

How is this test done?

To carry out this test requires taking a sample of the patient’s mucosa with a swab and is capable of detecting the presence of the pathogen in the body in just 10-15 minutes. They present a high degree of effectiveness although less than a PCR and are very useful in the study of outbreaks and in specific settings such as health, social or educational centers. In addition, they are much cheaper than other types of diagnostic techniques, since the unit price is around 4.5 euros.

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