Iglesias comments on Barricada albums while Casado and Almeida help those affected by the storm News Spain

While thousands of old people died in residences Due to the coronavirus, its highest political leader, the Vice President of Social Rights of the Government Pablo Iglesias, was dedicated to commenting on Netflix series on Twitter.

Now that millions of Madrid residents remain locked in their homes and suffer the effects of the storm Filomena, which has buried the capital under half a meter of snow, Vice President Iglesias has found a new entertainment: commenting on Twitter on the concerts of a mythical rock band , Barricade.

Iglesias published on Friday at 7 pm, when the greatest snowfall of the last half century had already begun to fall, the following message: «How many moments of adolescence singing No truce, Conflictive neighborhood or Black and white … Thank you Boni for putting a soundtrack to my youth and that of so many. When you learn to cry about something, you also learn to defend it. Until forever. Iglesias has accompanied these words with a video of a Barricada concert.

The Vice President of the Government alluded in his message to Javier Hernandez, better known as Boni, the guitarist of the Barricada group who passed away on Friday of throat cancer.

But the attitude of number 3 of the Government contrasts with that shown by other political leaders during this crisis: the national president of the PP, Pablo Casado, cleaning the streets of snow together with other neighbors in front of a health center. And the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, patrolling the streets next to public services and helping push a damaged car.

Meanwhile, the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez has been missing for two days and only reappeared this Sunday, once the snowfalls had ended, to take his photo at an emergency coordination meeting with the ministers Fernando Grande-Marlaska and Jose Luis Ábalos.

If the opposition played «politicize pain»To scratch votes, now that Madrid remains collapsed due to the biggest snowfall in the last half century, Vice President Pablo Iglesias remains in his Galapagar mansion commenting on his favorite Barricada songs on Twitter.

Podemos and its related media mounted an aggressive campaign to blame then-President Mariano Rajoy when the electricity received rose 8%. Now that we can govern and eThe electricity bill goes up 27%Pablo Iglesias does not dedicate a word to those who have lost their jobs due to the crisis, have not received ERTE for several months or have difficulties paying their most basic needs: the « social shield » was just a great advertising campaign.

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