Iglesias does not negotiate with the PP, but will have members in the CGPJ that Sánchez and Casado agree

After more than two years in office, the Government and the PP are about to agree on the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ). In addition, everything indicates that the pact will be able to collect the two apparently contradictory conditions on which the two parties have insisted on Monday. On one side, United We Can not have sat the negotiating table with the PP, as the popular ones have always demanded. On the other, those of Pablo Iglesias they will be represented within the new CGPJ because, once the pact between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Casado, Parliament will give the green light to a composition in which there will also be vowels “at the proposal” of the purple ones.

Sánchez and Casado have a "constructive conversation" about CGPJ

This Monday has been a day of declarations and also of silences that anticipate a pact that the CGPJ also perceives as coming. For this reason, the Judicial Branch has suspended the eight appointments of judicial charges that he planned to make in his plenary session on Thursday.

As it has been from the beginning, the CGPJ will be renewed without the PP having sat down to negotiate anything with United We Can. The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro Garcia Egea, has celebrated in an early interview that Sánchez has “agreed” to leave his government partner “on the sidelines” of the talks. Shortly after, the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE and Minister of Transport, Jose Luis Ábalos, has given him the reason when remembering that whatever the interlocutors who have been seeking an agreement for months, are socialist and popular. Of course, Ábalos also recalled that both the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campor, as the secretary general of the Presidency, Felix BolañosThey speak with the PP representing the entire Government, that is, the coalition. “The minister represents the entire government“said Ábalos, who has also referred to United We Can, stating that” the Government already knows who is in it. “

“The PSOE is accepting that Podemos is on the sidelines of any conversation to renew the CGPJ”

  • Teodoro Garcia Egea
    Secretary General of the PP

“Relations with the PP have always been the Government and the Government we already know who is part of it”

  • Jose Luis Ábalos
    Secretary of Organization of the PSOE

Faced with what is lately the general trend within the Government, the renewal of the CGPJ will not be a new friction point between Sánchez and Iglesias, who months ago opened a path within the Government so that contacts with the PP to renew the CGPJ are with the entire Executive and the PSOE does not act only partially. The Government admits that Unidos Podemos has “never” been in negotiations with the PP but, at the same time, it assures that in the new Judicial Power there will be vowels “at the proposal” of the purple ones.

In addition to these two messages – that Unidos Podemos does not negotiate with the PP and that they will have members – there is also a silence in the imminent agreement, especially thunderous after the latest controversies not yet closed between the two coalition partners. The purple ones have not reproached Sánchez about the renewal of the CGPJ, although they do revolt against a excessive understanding with the PP. According to the socialist part of the Executive, the popular are building a “story” to give his definitive ‘yes’ to the pact once the Catalan elections have passed. Those of Iglesias insist on making it clear that the PP will not be able to “veto” to United We Can.

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