Ikea will stop publishing its annual catalog after 70 years

Ikea will stop publishing your annual catalog after 70 years, as reported by the company on Monday in a statement.

The Swedish company has highlighted that times “are changing”, so the company has become “more digital and accessible, while adopting new ways of connecting with more people. “In this sense, he has ensured that customer behavior and media consumption “have changed”, so fewer people currently read the Ikea catalog than in previous years.

Ikea Christmas 2020 ad.

Ikea publishing reached its peak in 2016 when 200 million copies were distributed, in 69 different versions, 32 languages ​​and in more than 50 markets.

Ikea has highlighted that it has a “phenomenal legacy” of 70 years and that it has become an “iconic and beloved” publication, as well as a “important success factor“so that the company could reach many people around the world.

“Inter Ikea Systems BV, the worldwide franchisor of Ikea, has made the rational decision to respectfully end the successful run of the Ikea catalog and look forward to the future“said the company.” Ikea will continue to inspire and help people in their needs and dreams with new and exciting tools, through new and existing forms, channels and formats, “said Konrad Grüss, CEO of Inter Ikea Systems .

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