‘I’m a pringada’ reveals what Pablo Motos told him after his visit to ‘El hormiguero’: “Daughter of ****”

Film and TV The actress starred in a tense interview on the Antena 3 entertainment program

I’m a pringada, at one point in the interview I gave Pablo Motos in El hormiguero. Antenna 3

Estbaliz ‘Esty’ Quesada, popularly known as ‘I’m a pringada’, was one of the guests who passed last season for ‘El hormiguero’, program that will be on vacation until mid-September but of which Antena 3 continues to broadcast the best interviews from Monday to Thursday.

The Baracaldo actress has been the guest this week of ‘Este es el mood’, the YouTube program that broadcasts the channel of the social network Badoo. ‘I’m a pringada’, characterized by always saying what she thinks, was honest with Amarna Miller about the visit she made a few months ago in ‘El hormiguero’, where he starred in different moments of tension Pablo Motos

The 25-year-old girl went to ‘El hormiguero’ with Nuria Roca to promote ‘Road Trip’, the TNT program in which the two, who do not know each other and do not look at all, will cross the United States on a trip in car. However, What should have been a relaxed interview for many became a conversation that many viewers described as tense because of the tone that Pablo Motos and Esty Quesada maintained.

The youtuber’s visit did not start well because As soon as she entered the set of ‘El hormiguero’, the cameras recorded her doing what is popularly known as a comb to the public who had attended, an action that disturbed Pablo Motos. “I went to the program with four friends from the public and I did it to them,” he explained. ‘I’m a pringada’ to Amarna Miller. ‘Esty’ Quesada, which is a provocative, He came with a garment that did not go unnoticed either. “I wore the shirt with a meme of Pablo Motos doing yoga,” he recalled in ‘This is the mood’, admitting that maybe the presenter was not amused.

‘I’m a pringada’ revealed the conversation he had with the host of the Antena 3 entertainment program at the end of it. “Pablo Motos, when he got to my dressing room after the interview he told me: ‘What a bitch’. And I said: ‘Now’. I think he said it to me laughing, but I think he lost a little bit in the interview” , underlined.