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One of the things that characterize ‘Save me’ is its ability to reinvent spaces adapted to each personality that is going to be talked about. This reached such an extent during the afternoon of January 21, that Paz Padilla started the program, literally, in style. The presenter announced a new confrontation between Anabel Pantoja and María Patiño and she did it together with the host of ‘Socialité’ from the heights of the set.

Paz Padilla and María Patiño from the heights of the set of ‘Sálvame’

« Maria, please, I know you are afraid of heights, » the comedian addressed her companion while explaining that she had a height of 7 meters. The camera focused on the collaborator, who he walked as best he could without letting go of the bars and with his face contorted. « I’m drenched in sweat, Paz, » Patiño explained with terror once he managed to get to where the presenter was located.

Paz Padilla offered the collaborator to come down, who assured that she was feeling overwhelmed when she saw how badly María Patiño was going through. « I have a fear of heights since I got pregnant many years ago and I want to go down, « explained the Galician. » But do you know what your mind is? « , Paz said to him while she lamented that she did not know what to do with her mind. Finally, they returned to the mainland with Patiño walking like could and Padilla joking with the arrival of man on the Moon.

Facing your fears

Back from advertising, the presenter was interested in whether her partner was calmer after the bad drink she had experienced. « What a face you had up there, » Lydia Lozano commented. « What you have done is important. Fear is overcome by facing it« , affirmed the judge of ‘Got Talent Spain’. » It is that Valldeperas, when I have tried to negotiate it and I have seen that it was unfeasible … « said María Patiño, who assured that she had not been able to remove the director of the program the idea of ​​taking it to the heights.

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