“I’m going to send some hit men to kill you”

Cruz MorcilloFOLLOWMadrid Updated: 08/30/2020 03:24 AM Save

Rocío M., 41, was walking down a street in La Muela (Zaragoza) on August 6 like many afternoons. A man accosted her from behind and hit her on the head with a stick until she collapsed. He took her purse from her and ran. Two streets down, two people were waiting for him in a car, but when he was about to get on a motorcyclist with his horn stopped him. The accomplices fled and the neighbors surrounded the thief and placed bridles on him until the Civil Guard arrived. Rocío’s head had been cut open with the wooden leg of an old table. She survived miraculously.

She did not know, although she suspected it very early, that the

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