“I’m ‘pibonexic’, I know I’m not a babe, but I feel like I am all the time”

The anthill began the week with the visit this Monday of Susi Caramelo, who commented with Pablo Motos the term that the Movistar reporter has managed to popularize on social networks: La ‘pibonexia’.

I come very produced today, I have spent more than what you do in starting half a car. I’ve done everything, even pedicures, because you don’t know what can happen here, “the guest commented to the presenter.

Motos also highlighted that her hair had changed color: “Yes, now I’m blonde and I think I’m even better,” Caramelo acknowledged with a laugh. “We have to talk about the ‘pibonexia’: What is it?”, Wanted to know the Valencian.

I think I am that you shit good all the time. There are established canons in society, to which I do not conform, but even so I still think that I am good, “explained the guest.

Motos stressed that “then it is to believe that you are more good than you are”, but Caramelo replied that “I know I’m not a babe, but I feel like I am all the time. If I side with a Victoria’s Secret model, I think I’m hotter than her. “

“It is super widespread, I think one out of every two people in Spain is ‘pibonexic’. I am going to ask the RAE that the term is becoming very popular and that they introduce it in the dictionary, if it can be …“said the reporter.

An anecdote between models and other curiosities

Caramelo also commented with Motos some anecdotes of his career since the presenter highlighted that you are “the terror of the red carpets” and they remembered a viral video in which he was at an event starring models “who went with their boobs out” and “that’s where it all started.”

And is that the reporter, seeing that they had heard her comment, did not think of anything else than to show the attendees of that red carpet her breasts: “If I get to know that taking off my boobs makes me famous, I do it ten years earlier”he admitted with a laugh.

She also commented that a friend asked her to take care of a kitten puppy for a few days, then “My maternal instinct flourished and I spent four days nursing him from my own breast”he stated to the surprise of viewers.

Another anecdote with animals was when, at “eight or nine years old, at school they took us to the circus and I coincided in the outfit with one of the monkeys from the show We were wearing my tracksuit! “He recalled.

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