“I’m sure it will be in the tests”

Flavio briatore has been one of the people closest to Fernando Alonso since the Spanish driver landed in Formula 1, specifically since his arrival at Renault, with a professional relationship that evolved into one friendship that lasts up to 15 years after the double championship of the Asturian and the team.

Alonso shows good condition after his operation.

Italian has always been one of the people closest to Alonso’s environment and one of the most successful when talking about him. Therefore, your messages from confidence for the return of Alpine after his bicycle accident in Switzerland give hope to the followers of the Asturian runner.

“I’ve been talking to him and he spoke perfectly. He was only one day unable to speak because he had a mask that reached his eyes. It was only one day, but it’s normal. You are fully recovered“he assures in a chat with Peter Windsor, insisting that” he has no problem speaking. “

“The problem is here in the jaw and teeth. Broke two teeth. He was very lucky. Going by bike is now very dangerous because the tire’s contact with the asphalt is very low, a few centimeters, and braking is difficult. He was very lucky, “he explained.

“Do you remember what happened to Nicky Hayden, Mark Webber or Alex Zanardi?”

In addition, Briatore wanted to remember that Alonso was very lucky with how the accident ended. “He hit the car. He was very lucky. Do you remember what happened to Nicky Hayden, Mark Webber or Alex Zanardi? I think you have a destiny in life, “he warned.

I’m sure it will be in the test. Fernando is ready“, he insists, before concluding joking with Alonso’s fondness for cycling.” I talk to him every day and I have told him to stop with the bike, because the bike is very dangerous. If you want to go by bike you should go on the mountain and not on the road. I told Fernando: if you don’t stop with the bike I’ll lock you in the garage“he commented between laughs.

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