‘I’m the guy who steals Christmas’: Canadian leader’s emotional speech goes viral

In a speech broadcast on television on December 4, Brian Pallister, Premier of the Canadian province of Manitoba, made remarks that went around the globe. Widely shared on social networks, the video, in which the politician very quickly swaps his solemn tone for the benefit of the emotion that invades him, illustrates the difficult choice faced by the authorities in many countries as the Christmas holidays approach. end of year. Brian Pallister announces to the people of Manitoba that they will not be able to reunite for Christmas, assuming – not without difficulty – to be “the guy who steals Christmas”. “I am the guy who has to tell you to stay isolated for Christmas, not to party as usual with your friends, your family, to avoid those moments with your loved ones when you share memories and at you make it. I’m that guy, starts the Premier of Manitoba. And I’m going to ask you to respect that, because that’s what’s going to keep you safe. I’m the guy who steals Christmas to keep you safe. Because that’s the right thing to do. “

Reminding the population that it is united that it would manage to get through this crisis, the politician felt that the time was no longer for doubts and conspiracy theories. “If you still don’t believe the coronavirus is real, you are an idiot,” he says.

The man repeats, however, that the decision taken by the authorities is complicated and that the effort required from the inhabitants is enormous. “You don’t need to love me,” he says. “I hope that in the future you will respect me for having the courage to make the right decisions.” Finally, he concluded his speech with a little note of hope, stressing that there will be many things to celebrate next year.

Canada has experienced a record rise in contamination following Thanksgiving. This celebration, during which families gather in large numbers, would have allowed the virus to circulate again on a large scale in the population. The United States is currently experiencing a similar phenomenon.

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