Images of crowds gathered at Nottingham Christmas market create controversy

The controversy has swelled in recent days in England, after images showing a very large attendance at the Nottingham Christmas market circulated on social networks.

The English city of Nottingham, severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic, is in fact currently placed on level 3 health alert, forcing bars and restaurants to close, like some hotels.

However, the authorities had decided to maintain the traditional Christmas market, scheduled this year from December 5 to 24, 2020. Despite strong criticism, the organizers had indeed assured that the health rules would be scrupulously respected.

But those in charge of the “Winter Wonderland” seem to have been completely overtaken by the events: the evening of the opening of the market, the crowd was such that social distancing was impossible to respect. Images of people singing and dancing, sometimes without masks, quickly flooded social media, sparking outrage across England.

“It’s not respectful”

“It’s not at all respectful for hospital staff,” Vincenzo Gargiulo, himself a nurse, told Nottinghamshire Live. “It is also not respectful for the owners of bars or restaurants, which are currently closed. You want to go out? Okay, but go out wearing a mask, and respecting social distance,” he said. he continued, bitter.

To avoid overflows, the local authorities first decided to temporarily close the market the same day at 6 p.m.

After a joint discussion between the authorities and the event organizers, the market was finally closed permanently for the rest of the year.

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