Last year led to a significant milestone in Apple platforms and the development of applications for them. Thanks to Project Catalyst and macOS CatalinaiPad apps are now easily portable to macOS via Xcode. As they already commented at WWDC 2019, it is only necessary to activate a box within the project file of the iPad application that we want to take to Mac and apply some additional small changes to make it work perfectly.

According to Apple, the facilities offered by Catalyst are unique, allowing you to take advantage of applications originally developed for iPad on another additional platform, thus expanding the user base. Precisely to demonstrate this, already with the announcement of Catalyst, and even since Mojave, Apple has been taking some of its iOS applications to Mac, such as the case of Bolsa, Casa, or the Music, Apple TV and Podcasts apps.

However, the company was not going to stop there. It is no longer just a matter of example, now that they have shown that it works, they can make the updating process of their stock apps much more uniform. And this will be what would happen from the next version with iMessage, which thanks to Catalyst will receive the same application as devices with iPadOS, with the same functionalities and all the news that may come in the future.

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This innovation has been shared by ., as part of the conscientious dissection that they seem to be making of the leaked copy of iOS 14. In this sense, it must be remembered that it is a relatively old compilationSo Apple may have applied changes since then, and it would not be strange if some of these leaks do not come to fruition if the news does not meet its quality standards. For now, we’ll have to wait until next month to find out at WWDC 2020.