Impeachment could end Trump’s political future

15 minutes. Although it seems clear that the “impeachment” of Donald Trump will not be completed before the end of his term, on January 20, the Senate, which will soon be controlled by the Democrats, has in its power to block his political ambitions for 2024 and deprive him of the life pension and the other benefits to which the former presidents are entitled.

This Wednesday the House of Representatives approved the opening of a second and historic impeachment process in the Senate against Trump for “incitement to insurrection”, something that according to the outgoing leader of the Upper House, Republican Mitch McConnell, will not happen until except the day before the current president leaves the White House.

Ten Republican congressmen joined Thursday’s resolution and McConnell has not shown opposition to Trump being found guilty of the indictment prepared by the Democrats, even after leaving office, something that the Constitution allows in the case of former presidents.

Impeachment would end aspirations by 2024

Even if Trump completes his term, if the impeachment win the support of two-thirds of the Senate, even with Joe Biden installed in the White House, the Republican president would be formally charged with “high crimes” and the door would be opened to later deprive him of almost all the benefits of being a former president and making sure you don’t run for life in politics again.

The process is not easy. Both houses of Congress must vote in favor of removing him from the Presidency. And again a supermajority in the Upper House is needed to take this unprecedented step.

Another additional vote, this time by a simple majority, would be necessary to exclude Trump from running for any political office. For Republicans, this would be a guarantee of not having to deal with Trump in a primary process for the 2024 elections.

The two Democratic senators from Georgia who have ended the Republican dominance of the chamber could be sworn in next week.

Goodbye lifetime pension

If the impeachment and expulsion from the Presidency were approved by the Senate, Trump would also lose his life pension. In the case of Trump, this benefit to the former presidents amounts to $ 200,000 annually.

The prohibition on receiving state funds would extend to endowing former presidents for travel and to maintain an office.

That reimbursable spending bag is up to a million dollars, with additional funding for former first lady Melania Trump.

Trump would continue to maintain the lifetime protection of the Secret Service, another of the prerogatives of having been the head of state.

And he would have the possibility to appeal these unprecedented steps by the Legislative and challenge them before the Justice and the Supreme Court.

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