Import ban into Canada of goods resulting from forced labor of Uyghurs – .

Canada has decided to ban all imports of goods resulting in whole or in part from the forced labor of Uyghurs, whose human rights are not respected in the Xinjiang region in China.

Ottawa “seriously concerned”

The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs shared, in a statement, “to be seriously concerned” by the existence of evidence of human rights violations of Uyghurs of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in China, report

Among the criticisms of Canada include not only “repressive surveillance”, “mass arbitrary detentions”, but also “cases of torture and ill-treatment”, as well as “forced labor and mass transfers” of workers Uyghurs from Xinjiang to Chinese provinces.

Etablishing of “export controls”

Ottawa then revealed, Tuesday, January 12, its decision to ban imports of goods from forced labor by Uyghurs. In this way, the Canadian government seeks in particular to protect Canadian companies against any unintentional complicity in these human rights violations suffered by this Muslim minority.
In the process, the Canadian authorities also announced the establishment of “export controls” doubled by a “study on forced labor and also on the risks posed to supply chains”.

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