In 2021, Alain Rousset wants to think “further, fairer, more efficient”

“My first wish is light at the end of the tunnel and the end of this paradoxical health and economic crisis which generates anxiety and suffering but also a form of resilience and appeasement among our fellow citizens”, began Alain Rousset, president (PS) of the New Aquitaine Region, this Wednesday, January 13, before outlining the main lines of his policy one year after the start of the pandemic and six months before the end of his mandate.

“This crisis should lead us to think further, fairer and more efficient. Thinking further means taking into account the consequences of current and future redundancy plans in our territories and working on the necessary relocation of certain strategic activities to our sovereignty, particularly in matters of health. We must also work on the diversification of our companies and prepare for the technological leaps of tomorrow, “he said.

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The “fairer” corresponds in his mind to the “reduction of too massive pay gaps today” and a restart of “the educational social elevator” in “a peaceful society” which accompanies better “the elderly or vulnerable but also caregivers but also cashiers, truck drivers, teachers, farmers and many othersFinally, the adjective effective obviously covers Alain Rousset’s fight for more decentralization, in particular at the regional level.

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Working with the State over the long term

“Unlike the State with its unconditional tax credits, we decide to support companies that are moving, that innovate, that integrate the energy transition, that recruit! We examine 2,600 business cases per year and on 202 files submitted to the Ministry of Finance as part of the recovery plan for an investment of 605 million euros, only 16 have been retained by Bercy. It is we who will take over to take care of the 186 others in areas such as water sports, food or even solar “, assures Alain Rousset.

At this stage, as part of the France Relance program, 26 companies from Nouvelle-Aquitaine have been selected in the region for 15 million euros while 23 others are winners of the support fund for the automobile and aeronautics for 18 million euros, including Texelis, Mécanat, Poral (formerly Sintertech) and Staero. Two Saint-Gobain sites in Charente and Creuse were also selected for the decarbonisation component of the industry.

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A Navalcampus project

For the president of the regional council, this is not enough:

“What will the State do with the 35 billion euros brought by Europe to France for the recovery? To be effective, there needs to be a closer relationship between the president and the regional prefect and between their respective services if we really wants to support companies with a real long-term strategy. Because reindustrialisation and energy transition are long-term! “

Alain Rousset thus cites the major implantation projects signed in 2020 in the region such as the Flying Whales in Laruscade (Gironde) or the Airbus of electric batteries between Nersac, Poitiers and Bordeaux.

In a territory where economic difficulties are flourishing, in particular at the Fonderies du Poitou, but also in Lot-et-Garonne or in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the regional elected representative also mentions an investment project of 100 million euros by the sawmill corrézienne Farges Bois in Egletons or even his desire to realize the project of a Navalcampus, centered on the nautical industry trades and the “dedication of ships”, like the Ferrocampus project being created in Saintes. “In many areas, massive training plans will be needed either to change skills or to upgrade skills. We need a concerted strategy of all the employment players as close as possible to the field “, insists Alain Rousset, who nevertheless admits that he is not really heard by successive governments.

Experiment with theaters and cinemas openings

On all these subjects, the one who willingly presents himself as “a leftist elected friend of companies“is nevertheless preparing a contribution of 12 to 20 pages to feed the Socialist Party’s project for the presidential election of 2022: “We must finally know who does what in our country and the left has a lot to say about decentralization“. But by then, it will be necessary to go through the regional ballot for which he is already a candidate without saying it. While the ballot should probably be held in June 2021, Alain Rousset will face in the first round an EELV list, led by Nicolas Thierry, an LR list, an LREM list, an RN and an LFI, ie three lists on the left. “It’s as usual, the Greens always left alone before participating in the majority and voting for almost everything. I only regret that in the current context we do not propose a complete union list which would have been a good one. thing. Now, the embodiment of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, I wear it. “

Until then, the president of the region is addressing cultural players by proposing in particular an experimental reopening of theaters and cinemas which could be carried out in the region. He will write “during the week” to Roselyne Bachelot, the Minister of Culture, to discuss this subject. “I think that all the experiments carried out have shown that these places can be reopened by taking all the necessary precautions. We need culture”, considers Alain Rousset.

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