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In a purple swimsuit, Daniella Chavez gives great advice to her fans (INSTAGRAM)

In a purple swimsuit, Daniella Chavez gives great advice to her fans | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Chilean model, Daniella Chávez, uploaded a photograph in which she is modeling a very cute purple swimsuit that made her charms shine to the fullest and took the opportunity to give great advice to her loyal fans who thanked her.

That’s right, this is the last photograph placed on your Instagram official, in which we can appreciate the girl dressed in a very nice Violet swimsuit that goes quite well with her skin tone and blonde hair, also wearing a bandana on her head as is customary, as it is one of her favorite accessories of all and of In fact it seeks to differentiate itself from other models by using it.

The photo has already exceeded 100,000 I like it and she has gathered tens of thousands of comments where they flatter her and write her some compliments, where they seek to get her attention and also thank her for that type of snapshot.

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But not everything came there but the famous model also decided to give some great advice to her fans and wrote the following words: “the secret? what you see absolutely the same as what others think. “

It seems that Daniela Chávez focused this comment on the famous internet haters, users who seek to vent by writing some negative comments about the world and famous models are one of his favorite targets, since they are exposed to receive all kinds of comments and to be criticized because of the way they earn their money.

As we know, since last year the exclusive content pages became fashionable How onlyfans, a page that was created with the aim of bringing fans closer to their favorite stars, but which is being used for another purpose: consuming very attractive exclusive content and more uncovered than the one published on social networks.


In fact, Daniela Chávez has an exclusive content page in another that will also offer us the possibility of receiving fully personalized photos and videos, a very interesting fact that if you did not know it will surely interest you.

It is for this reason that Daniela prefers to ignore everything they tell her and continue with her life as it is, because she is enjoying the fruits of her great work as a model, something that she has been dreaming of since she was little and that having fulfilled it makes her feel done.

Daniella is a Chilean model who became an Instagram star after posting selfies without clothes on social networks due to her anger at the Reina de Viña del Mar contest where she came in third place. She was also named Christmas Girl of the Month in a renowned 2014 men’s magazine.

His first great leap to fame was with said magazine at the age of 24. It was covered, being the first Chilean to obtain that privilege. But it is not that recognition that has given him the greatest fame, but his closeness to football and of course, his daring photos that he disseminates on social networks.

But that’s not all because the model is so happy with the results she has had in her networks that she will continue to upload many more snapshots of this type and increasingly attractive, so we recommend you to be aware of her publications and not miss them in Show News, where we tell you all the details of the beautiful girl.

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