In France, elected officials denounce the “unworthy” living conditions of migrants in the north

“The press and social networks reported this week on the situation of the exiles of Grande-Synthe subjected to bad weather and to the + unorthodox + evacuations organized by the prefecture. Northern parliamentarians, we went there to see (… ) their (living) conditions unworthy of a country such as France “, write the socialist senators Patrick Kanner and Martine Filleul in a press release.

In this camp which brings together between 200 and 300 exiles eager to join England according to the sources, their situation “worsens while the winter period is fast approaching”, continue the elected Socialists. “The presidential promise not to let anyone live outside seems singularly dated”, criticize the two parliamentarians.

“Lately, it’s been particularly bad, and cold. These people are sleeping in the rain, in the mud, without means of protection. Doctors have told us that some of them are in flip-flops! ‘is not possible in a rich country like ours, ”insisted to . Ms. Filleul, who is also the first federal secretary of the PS in the North department.

If the prefecture refuses to make a gymnasium available, “out of fear, as has happened in the past that several thousand people are concentrated there, (…) we suggest that the State organize points of Modest welcome, spread all along the coast, ”she suggested.

On Twitter, the MEP EELV (environmentalist) and ex-mayor of Grande-Synthe, Damien Carême, also deplored after a visit on Friday, the “inhuman” living conditions of the exiles who live “without anything, in the mud” and “under tarpaulins”, despite “more than 80 dismantling in 2020”.

In early 2016, the then elected mayor opened, against the advice of the state, a camp of small wooden chalets, which was finally destroyed by fire in 2017.

“These are men, women, children abandoned to their sad fate, (…) in the middle of winter, in the midst of a pandemic. There are only 200 people, that’s not all the misery in the world!”, also ruled EELV MEP Karima Delli, calling on the government to “assume its responsibilities”.

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