In full debate on the role of “big tech” Google donates $ 250,000 for dreamers

15 minutes. Google announced on Wednesday that it will donate $ 250,000 to help half a thousand “dreamers”, young people who came to the country undocumented, but have grown up in the US, to complete their temporary authorization requests., the social initiatives arm of Google, announced a quarter of a million dollars in funding for the youth immigrant aid association United We Dream “to cover the application costs of more than 500 dreamers,” the technology company said. it’s a statement.

“Google is proud to employ dreamers who work on new products that are used every day. We have defended your right to stay in the United States by joining amicus reports (third party report in favor of one of the parties in front of a Court) in courts in support of DACA, “the company said in a statement.

The Deferred Action Program (DACA), which was established in 2012 by then-President Barack Obama, allows ‘dreamers’ who came to the United States with children beyond their control to request deferred action and permission to I work for a renewable period of two years.

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President Donald Trump tried to undo the measure, but was forced by the Justice to maintain the protections for some 650,000 young people. However, it has refused to accept new applications.

Google announced this aid to help maintain protections for “dreamers” in light of the problems stemming from the pandemic. Especially tough among the immigrant population, who sometimes perform essential jobs or on the front lines of the battle against the virus.

“This aid is in addition to another $ 35 million that and Google employees have contributed over the years to support immigrants and refugees around the world, including $ 1 million specifically for support of DACA,” the giant said. technological in a statement.

He release urges the Joe Biden Administration to legislate to maintain protections for “dreamers.” He also urges the approval of an immigration reform that improves the granting of employment visas that make the country more competitive.

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