In Iran, executive and deputies called to order on nuclear issue

This text was approved Wednesday by the Council of Guardians of the Constitution after its vote in Parliament.

To be promulgated, the law still needs to be signed by President Hassan Rouhani, but he should not rush in view of his opposition to the text.

According to Iranian media, the text calls on the government to immediately take steps to produce and store at “least 120 kilograms per year of 20% enriched uranium” and calls on it to “end” inspections by the International Agency of atomic energy (IAEA).

These two provisions, if applied, would run counter to the commitments made by the Islamic Republic during the international Iran nuclear agreement concluded in Vienna in 2015.

They would also risk referring the Iranian nuclear issue to the UN Security Council, which would complete the killing of this suspended agreement.

In a statement taken up by Iranian agencies, the CSSNI believes that the law “does not pose a specific problem for the national interest”, unlike the “disorder” created by “recent attitudes and remarks” having “sacrificed the national interest to partisan interests “.

The exit from the Council comes after vigorous exchanges between the President of the Parliament Mohammad-Bagher Ghalibaf and President Rouhani.

Parliament has stepped up and accelerated its work on the draft law (introduced in early November) after the November 27 assassination of nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in an attack that authorities attribute to Israel.

On Wednesday, Mr. Rohani had deemed the text “harmful” to diplomatic efforts.

US President Donald Trump pulled his country out of the Vienna Accord in May 2018, before reinstating sanctions that plunged the Islamic Republic into a deep recession.

In response, Tehran withdrew from May 2019 from most of its key commitments made in Vienna.

Since the announcement of the victory of Joe Biden in the presidential election of November 3, Mr. Rouhani has multiplied the signals of opening for the attention of the next American government.

Mr. Biden has said he wants to bring the United States back into the Vienna Accord, but the path he is proposing is deemed unacceptable by the Iranian government.

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