in Le Havre, Jean Castex grants Edouard Philippe’s wish

The seafarers know this. In the midst of storms, the important thing is to set a course “. Under the eye of an impassive but attentive Edouard Philippe, Jean Castex spun the marine metaphor in Le Havre at the end of the Fourth Cimer of the Macron era. The course in question is the deployment of a new strategy supposed to allow France to maintain its rank as the second maritime nation in the world.

Centerpiece of this plan? The merger, on June 1, of the three major ports of the Seine axis within a public establishment called Haropa – which will be translated indifferently as Harbors of Paris or Le Havre-Rouen-Paris. Placed on the baptismal font in 2017 by the former prime minister who can claim paternity, the future port complex is the instrument through which the government hopes ” win back the shares of …

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