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In mourning, Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo mourn a loved one | Instagram

Eduardo Capetillo, Biby Gaytán and her family are in mourning, as a very close loved one has lost his life. The singer and actor has revealed that his half brother has lost his life.

The actor Eduardo Capetillo made known to his followers the unfortunate news that the bullfighter and rejoneador, Carlos Arruza Vázquez, his half brother, had lost his life. Biby Gaytán’s husband expressed his dismay and explained that his brother has left at 67 years of age.

It was a rather sweet message that Capetillo expressed to say goodbye to his brother, pointing out that he really is not leaving, because he will always be in him and with him.

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The only sure thing that we have insurance when we arrive in this world is that one day we will leave it … My dear brother Carlos three days ago he stopped being here with us, in this world, on this physical plane, but my brother did not leave my brother is here, with me and there he will always be, in my heart, in my desires, in my memories, in my love in my sweetness…, he pointed out to his followers.

Eduardo Capetillo decided to share this hard moment through a video in which his face was quite sad. In the recording, he spoke about the importance of controlling emotions, but including relief, since there is time for everything.

This life process is a process known as grief. What I already do is go to the core of my emotions and let all of them flow, whatever they are. If you have to cry you have to cry, if you have to yearn you have to yearn, yes you have to remember you have to remember, if you have to reproach you have to reproach, but always controlling your emotions. That is the most beautiful thing that can be done in a case of this nature, this is a life process, for me it is a learning process…, shared Eduardo Capetillo.

The couple of Biby gaytan He confessed that the news of his half brother’s departure is taking other turns and rumors, so he decided to make the situation known and how much he regrets the loss of Carlos; but the main thing, how much you love him.

I do this because the news, for obvious reasons, is already taking other flights and I want you to see me, hear me, and feel me … I love you very much. I thank everyone for their words of encouragement, for their words of love. Dear brother Carlos, rest in peace… I love you with all my heart, I respect you with all my affection… and you’ve already loved yourself because you’re going to be here all the time… thank you…, he added.

The video was posted on the official Instagram account of Eduardo Capetillo 20 hours ago and has exceeded 160 thousand views; celebrities and followers of the beloved family were quick to express their condolences to the famous. At the end of the recording you can see a photograph of Carlos dressed as a bullfighter.

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It transpired that Eduardo Capetillo’s half brother, Carlos Arruza Vazquez He lost his life of natural causes at 67 years of age. Carlos was the fruit of the first marriage María del Carmen Vázquez, mother of the former Timbiriche, and of the bullfighter Carlos Arruza.

Today, two hours ago, Eduardo shared a photograph from a beautiful and peaceful landscape, where he apparently found that peace that he needed in those moments. Biby Gaytán’s husband accompanied the image with a reflection.

The Peace that your soul needs is within you, look for it there, he wrote in the description of the publication.

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