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Such a stick such a splinter, or not. In recent years we have seen different boxers flourish who, protected by a surname, have tried to become the living reflection of what their parents were.

We all know Julio César Chávez, Tommy Morrison or Kostya Tszyu, but perhaps some are unaware that these great boxers have some of their descendants trying to follow their example.

The most notorious case is that of Julio César Chávez Jr, the Junior. A boxer who has always lived under a long shadow.

Julio César Chávez (Father) and Julio César Chávez Jr.

We already know from his own father that Junior has not been the desired boxer or the one who could have become, but it would be unfair for me to ignore that not everything in his career has been bad, since Junior has become Council world champion and until the fight with Maravilla Martinez was a level boxer. After that defeat it seems that he abandoned himself and has not raised his head again.

With this I do not mean that Julito is a great boxer or that he has been, but we cannot continually compare him with what his father was, because his father was the greatest, one of the best of all time and that is a slab too heavy.

Tommy Morrison’s career was cut short by illness, but before that he became world heavyweight champion, WBO version, facing George Foreman himself.

It can even be said that he was a top boxer at a time when the heavyweights were in very good health: Holyfield, Moore, Lewis, Tyson, etc.

But due to destiny, I did not come to face many of them, against others yes.

The funny thing is that this fighter who died in 2013 has, if I’m not mistaken, two of his sons currently competing in the heavyweight category and from what we see they are not doing too badly.

Trey Lippe Morrison, led by the well-known Freddie Roach, is an unbeaten boxer, who is beginning to approach the high places of the world rankings. It seems that he has a good punch, against him it seems that he has an improvement technique and has not yet made great fights.

His brother Kenzie Morrison, is the spitting image of his father, and although he has a good record, he already has a couple of null bouts.

Time is wise and we will see how far they go.

The third case is that of Tim Tszyu , son of the legendary Kostya tszyu , great world champion and hall of fame.

Tim Tszyu with his father Kostya TszyuTim Tszyu with his father Kostya Tszyu

Tim Tszyu with his father Kostya Tszyu

Tim is a super welterweight and his professional record is 17-0.

His most notable victory was against Jeff Horn, yes, the one who won but did not win Manny Pacquiao, I suppose you will understand me.

Well, Tim is already ranked in the top 20 at his weight and is a full-fledged prospect.

We will see how far it goes.

Big names in boxing who have left their legacy. Unattainable legacy for those who follow them, with exceptions: Floyd Mayweather Jr was better than his Uncle Roger, and far better than his father.

Floyd mayweather

That is why it is still said that second parts were never good, although as I just showed with the Money Mayweather case, there are exceptions that are fabulous.

Marcos Nogueroles Hernandez

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