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Unlike previous elections, the independent candidacies by the governor of Nuevo León do not show characters of weight that “makes the political parties tremble”, as was the case of Jaime Rodríguez Calderón “El Bronco”, current governor of the state.

Although the parties already have practically defined its state proposals, the independents this time, fell short.

Pablo de la Peña, Dean of the School of Government and Public Transformation of Tec de Monterrey attributed it to possible different factors: the common front of the matches against Morena and the results of “El Bronco” as governor of Nuevo León.

“The first, I think, is the organization of the parties in a common front against Morena, which has not left room for independent candidacies given the situation and, probably, those interested have seen that one alternative is Morena and the other is one. coalition of parties, going independently or alone, being pragmatic, I don’t see much sense ”.

“Another factor is what we have seen in the state with the governor of the Bronco as independent, perhaps did not leave a good taste in my mouthBut, a counter balance could be made with the case of San Pedro, where Miguel Treviño has given results ”, explained the expert.

Pablo de la Peña Sánchez.Pablo de la Peña Sánchez Source: Courtesy

For the elections that will be held in the state next June, the pre-candidates who will be flagged by political parties They are: Clara Luz Flores from the “Together We Will Make History for NL” coalition, made up of Morena, PT, Verde Ecologista and Nueva Alianza; Adrián de la Garza from the PRI, Fernando Larrazábal from the PAN and Samuel García from Movimiento Ciudadano.

While the Independent applicants are: Candelario Maldonado, Christian Gossler, José Elizondo and Vítor Manuel Martínez, who are in the process of collecting signatures.

The expert presumed that the triumph of “El Bronco” in the past was due, in part, to the fact that “the Morena tsunami had not yet come and there were spaces for independent candidacies since the traditional PRI or PAN were not wanted. We wanted another alternative and the most visible alternative at that time was the possibility of independents ”.

“Now, we can take stock and say in the case of the governorship we believe that it did not work very well for us and, given the strength that Morena has and the coalitions that the parties are making at the national level, if you really want to win something or you go with Morena or you go with the coalition, you really are not going to have an alternative, “he said.


Faced with the declaration of maximum risk due to the high number of Covid 19 infections, Candelario Maldonado, aspiring independent candidate for the Governor of Nuevo León, denounced the incongruity and lack of optimal response from the State Electoral Commission and the National Electoral Institute.

This is due to the fact that these organizations consider that the State is in optimal conditions for the work of gathering citizen support, instances that already have a considerable number of infected employees.

Nuevo León is experiencing high hospital occupancy, in addition to the halt to mobility and closures in the entity issued by the State Government for two weeks.

The independent candidate has requested urgently since the start of the collection of signatures (on November 20, 2019) the enabling of a microsite on the CEE or INE page so that citizens from their homes can easily, quickly and transparently issue their support, a request that has been ignored by the authorities.

In addition, he also requested an extension of time for the collection of signatures, so that it is until the registration date that the political parties have.

The rules established by the electoral bodies were issued before the health crisis in the country and have not been adequately modified.

“The electoral bodies are not being empathetic, we have asked them for a microsite, an extension of the term and tools to be able to work with citizens and express the support of the people who want to help,” said the candidate for governor of the state.

The electoral bodies are expected to issue a favorable and congruent resolution to what is recommended by the Health authorities and by the State Government itself.

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