India: in four days, 555 people hospitalized because of a mysterious illness – .

Hundreds of residents of an Indian city, affected by a mysterious illness, have been admitted to hospital in recent days.

A death to be deplored

In early December, around 500 residents of the town of Eluru in the state of Andhra Pradesh, located in the south ofIndia, were admitted to hospital due to mysterious disease. In just four days, the number of sick climbed rapidly to reach 555 people admitted to hospitals.

Only one victim is to be deplored, before his death, she was the victim of convulsions, attacks of nausea and pain.

Traces of heavy metals in the blood of patients

In order to investigate this mysterious disease, the Indian government sent a medical team to the town of Eluru with experts from the National Institute of Virology, the National Center for Disease Control and the Institute of Medical Sciences of India.

Local authorities said the results of the tests revealed that the blood of the victims contained traces of heavy metals, including lead or even nickel.

For his part, the director of Eluru hospital, AV Mohan, explained that the origin of this sickness so far remains unknown. According to him, the blood samples collected are currently insufficient to be able to say that lead or nickel is the cause of this disease.

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