Indirect from Jorge Bernal to Carolina Sandoval?

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The host of the program Suelta la Sopa Jorge Bernal spoke for the first time about the dismissals that have affected Telemundo recently in an interview with the Mamás Latinas portal.

The journalist is currently immersed in promoting the “Ready for school” campaign for Amazon, in which together with his wife Karla Birbragher they give tips on how to prepare the little ones for their return to school from the point of view of parents.

Although the interview focused on advice as parents for children, Jorge Bernal also addressed more controversial issues such as the dismissal of emblematic figures from the television network.

What did you think when Carolina Sandoval was fired?

Jorge Bernal was quite diplomatic in answering about the specific dismissal of “La Venenosa.” The presenter said, in words reported by El Salvador:

“You realize that that person is going to be fine because you know them, because you know that that person is a strong woman willing to do everything possible to get ahead and she is going to stop. It affects me because I feel it, because something unexpected happens suddenly, but I know that they will be fine and that is, to go ahead and look for the positive side. “

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Faced with this fairly neutral response, many users reproached the presenter’s attitude with comments such as the following:

“It must have manifested itself before”

“It doesn’t seem sincere. And frankly, the way they got Carolina Sandoval was badly done “

“There are very good speeches to evade a topic and go off on a tangent, this one is not. Obviously not solid or sincere answers “

“You didn’t say anything new, you just repeated the same thing so that you could avoid the question and say nothing”

“It is not sincere, you can tell that he is saying what he has to say, they are afraid that they could be next on the list, but honestly they are only letting the women go. You realized? I’m just repeating what I heard and I think they are right “

However, when Mamás Latinas asked him what he would do in his case without work, he left an answer that some may interpret as a message to Carolina Sandoval:

What would I do if I lost my job? Nothing. Go ahead, what are you going to do, cry in a corner and throw a tantrum and get on Instagram to talk nonsense about people? No, nowadays the situation is that everyone has to have their income and they have to have, obviously, and what I call hobbies or plan B, C, D, E and F because you never know (you never know ) “

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Was “La Venenosa” going to “throw a tantrum and get on Instagram to talk nonsense about people?

How did you feel when María Celeste Arrarás and Rashel Díaz were fired?

Jorge Bernal not only spoke of the dismissal of Carolina Sandoval from Suelta la Sopa. He also wanted to refer to the sudden goodbye of the chain of María Celeste Arrarás and Rashel Díaz.

“María Celeste is a woman I didn’t know and from one day to the next, one Saturday, I was washing my car one Saturday and she called me and said I want you to come and meet me and the executive producer to see if you join the program and that’s how my story with her and with ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ began. She taught me, she scolded me. He was by my side at all times. He never let me go “

“It’s very different. I have not seen María Celeste in person. Rashel since the beginning of the year. I arrive at Telemundo 15 minutes before “Suelta la sopa”, after the program I record a promotion if necessary. I get in the car and get home. I’m not wandering the halls. There has not been time to give hugs, to see each other in peace with those who left and those who remain “