“Interim workers should be able to benefit from the end of the crisis”, Alain Roumilhac, Manpower

LA TRIBUNE – What were the sectors most affected in 2020?

ALAIN ROUMILHAC – In 2020, the sectors that were most affected are those that are still under administrative closure. Events, hotels and restaurants were the hardest hit. Then, aeronautics and the airport were also very affected. On the other hand, logistics with the development of online commerce has fared well. There was a very strong demand for skills during the second containment and the end of year celebrations for logistics.

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What sectors are picking up since the start of 2021?

At the start of the year, we have to be careful. Logistics will remain an important sector but the volumes recorded at the end of 2020 should decline. Many questions remain about the health of the industry. At the end of the year, activity was favorable in particular thanks to the catching up. For the first quarter, what will be the industrial order books?

In the building and public works sector, activity should pick up again, in particular thanks to the recovery plan and in particular energy renovation. Demand is also fairly strong for all digital professions. These sectors make relatively little use of temporary workers. We can nevertheless see that demand remains strong. It exists…

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