Interior replies that the transfers of immigrants are “punctual” and that it has not authorized them for weeks

The Ministry of the Interior yesterday tried to balls out on the criticism of the Junta de Andalucía and the Unified Police Union for the arrival in Granada of up to 200 immigrants from the Canary Islands, on a commercial flight and without a PCR diagnostic test. Sources from the department of Fernando Grande-Marlaska they specify that it is “one-off” transfers, that Interior only authorizes but does not carry out and that it has been several weeks without giving the green light to new departures from the archipelago.

As indicated in the Interior, this Ministry only depends on authorizations for immigrants to be transferred to other places in the Peninsula and they are in a “punctual” way, because of the “profile” of these people.

Among those who have received the approval of the Interior there are people “likely to need international protection“or belonging to”vulnerable groups“In any case, those who arrived in Granada this Tuesday would have received the order weeks ago, the time that, according to the Interior, authorization and effective transfer may be delayed, of which Grande-Marlaska says noor be responsible, as well as the reception given to immigrants at the place of arrival.

The Government reiterates that a distribution of immigrants is not taking place from the Canary Islands to other parts of the country, but they are specific transfers that Interior sources suggest this Tuesday that they could stop or, at least, not continue at a regular pace. As they say in this Ministry, no new authorizations have been issued for “a few weeks”.

This does not mean, however, that in the coming days more migrants will arrive from the Canary Islands to other points. Thus the council of Barcelona announced last week that it will host 50 of these people.

Also days ago, another 80 immigrants came to Malaga and Seville, Some transfers that the Junta de Andalucía was aware of, unlike the ignorance that this Tuesday they have reported about the flight that has landed in Granada.

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