Intervention of the Municipality in the south of Guayaquil included delivery of antiparasitic – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Municipal personnel, belonging to different social response agencies, intervened this Wednesday the Good Friday cooperative, located in the south of Guayaquil. And among the delegates were doctors who treated citizens who wanted to rule out that they are carriers of COVID-19.

Dr. John Ubilla, coordinator of the sectorization health brigades, which work in 24 areas of Guayaquil looking for suspicious cases, said that they provide assistance to people affected by dengue and other pathologies.

« Medical evaluation is important to determine the disease, since the symptoms are similar and with a review of the patient it can be diagnosed for the respective treatment, » he said.

He added that the ivermectin deworming program is also fulfilled, with the delivery of the pills and the corresponding medical prescription in these cases.

Municipal personnel arrived on Good Friday before 07:00 and intervened a shack on the banks of the Salado estuary. The inhabitant, who was in poor health, was taken by ambulance to the Bicentenario hospital.

The council indicated in a statement that fourteen municipal directorates participated, in response to the call of the community of the Good Friday cooperative, for the development of cleaning and disinfection tasks.

«The linear park had become a focus of unhealthiness and insecurity. Here we are with Justice and Surveillance, Cantonal Cleaning, Visolit cleaning the estuary, Health providing its services « , explained Enith Romero, municipal deputy director of Citizen Participation.

The day included fumigation, deratization, among other actions, including the collection of waste generated by the inhabitants that contaminated the estuary. (I)

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